Fatima Fertilizer Compression Facility

From the last five years, we are providing O&M services to client at their Mari compression facility.Laying trust in our rich experience and professional approach, client awarded us the mega project of construction of civil foundations of heavy duty compressors. The job was completed within the scheduled time to the utmost satisfaction of the client. Jamisto Energy is successfully playing its part to meet the demand of LPG in the region. Our storage and distribution facility is in operation 24/7.


O&M OF NGBC COMPRESSION FACILITY OF FFL 2017-2021: Round-the-clock operation and routine maintenance of compression facility of FFL Mari job site.

EVAPORATION PONDS, EPCL, KARACHI 2019: Geo Membrane lining of Evaporation Ponds including complete survey, excavation, laying of perforated pipes in trenches, laying and jointing of geomembrane lining, restoration of drain and vent pit.

MECHANICAL WORKS, CA PIPE RACK, EPCL, KARACHI 2020-2021: Fabrication and erection of CA pipe rack structure with pipe supports including the dismantling of old pipe rack structure.

DRAIN LINE WORKS, EPCL, KARACHI 2020-2021: Removal of existing damaged drain line and installation of new line including excavation and backfilling of the same.

CIVIL FOUNDATION WORKS, FFL MARI SITE 2018-2019: Civil foundation works for the compressor foundation including the piping supports foundations, control panel shed foundations, drain network modification, pavement, graveling, or area, dewatering, and disposal activities.

ATA FOR ENGRO FERTILIZERS, DAHARKI; FFBL, KARACHI 2004-2011: ATA services including maintenance of stationary and rotary equipment, vessels and columns, control valves, etc.

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